A moment of shame = opportunity to change

We all have “well-kept” secrets most of the time… we don’t even realize we have them!

I believe that there’s a God given desire in every human heart to be good, to do good and to stay good… but life has its messy parts… things we’ve done or things done to us that if unchecked by Grace, tent to become issues that translate into several forms of nonsense and disorders as we get older…

What do you do when your issue has gone public, when all we have done in  secret becomes available to all?

Be encouraged to find joy during a moment of shame. See the positive side… IT IS freedom knocking at your door! Answer! It’s over, no need to hide stuff anymore, -now, you can deal with it! now you can find help. Jesus is never blown away by our dirty little secrets. Remember the woman caught in adultery? (Read John 8:1-11) What did Jesus do?

“Come to me, Learn from me,”  Jesus says in  Mathew 11:28-30

our brokenness doesn’t repel Jesus, it compels Him…

Our first response to our mistakes is to beat ourselves up for the wrong we have done or the wrong done to us, that’s because we feel the urge “to pay for our mistakes” but beating ourselves up  brings us more condemnation and blinds us to the freedom that comes along those ugly moments when we feel exposed.

I believe that in the midst of being exposed, there’s also the offering of “freedom” ask the woman caught in adultery… I bet you she wanted to be a good girl, she just didn’t know how… She was hungry and thirsty and fed herself with the wrong stuff until the day she met Jesus. He is enough.

God will never leave you in the mud, He will go there to get you. Look at, John 3:16… You’re worth dying for!

Be free to admit what you must and be brave to receive help that will bring you change… every one makes mistakes, only brave and strong people admit them and overcome them…. there’s no shame in being broken.”

Open up to freedom and be encourage … Keep going! moving on will inspire others that might be in the boxing ring fighting against themselves.

What was done to you isn’t your fault, and what you have done can teach you a lesson. You are fully accepted and unconditionally loved.

2 thoughts on “A moment of shame = opportunity to change

  1. So beautifully written!! Thank you for this. I want freedom my secrets and my past. Your words are so perfect and meaningful. I look forward to reading more from you. You have inspired me to get back into my writing. ❤️


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